The Pearl Realty Group was established in 2015 with the goal of providing exceptional customer service, measurable results and innovative strategies that would simplify the home buying process and make it fun again. As broker/owner of The Pearl Realty Group, William K. Jones II has utilized his extensive experience from a successful career in restaurant hospitality & management to ingrain customer service skills in his team of agents. Coupled with helping hundreds of homeowners recover from the Great Recession of 2008 through short sales, loan modifications and deed in lieus… he has an insatiable passion for helping others achieve their real estate goals. While honing his real estate skills working for a large investment group in South Florida, it gave him a deep knowledge of most areas of real estate that most agents do not possess. Most agents will help you buy or sell real estate…. We find optimal solutions that cater to your “Why” or “What’s In It For Me”. William’s ability to connect with all types of people, his vast understanding of the Real Estate industry, and passion for success has lead him on this journey to create this innovative brokerage with an outstanding culture and a laser-like focus on customer service. “I was the class clown that coasted through high school and as a last resort went to Culinary School to become a chef. I turned that into being published in the First Edition of The International Who’s Who of Chefs. Then gave all of it up once I became a father and began my career in real estate. I knew nothing then, but have now turned that into becoming a successful real estate investor and broker/owner of my own real estate company. I took it upon myself to be the best at whatever it is I do and this endeavor will be no different. My vision is to make this company synonymous the exceptional service, innovative solutions for our clients & agents alike and  establish a culture that is undeniably infectious. Once I achieve that, all of my hard work will have paid off.” William spends hours everyday researching and reading on ways to improve as a broker, leader, mentor, innovator and marketer. He is determined to achieve his main goal in mind; Grow & nurture exceptional agents, provide creative & distinctive marketing that creates innovative results. Pride of ownership radiates through William’s actions and personality. This career, his business partners and most importantly his clients mean everything to him. “The Pearl Realty Group is not in this for the transaction, we genuinely care about our clients as they become our friends, and we ALWAYS do what is best for them” 

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