Jorge L. Fernandez

Jorge L. Fernandez

Future Star

A little about me

and why I love real estate

Jorge L Fernandez is a newly licensed Real Estate agent with 20+ years experience in the Lighting Industry.Through his years working in lighting, Jorge grew to love the design and remodeling processes that came along with owning and improving a home.In 2012 Jorge and his family began the search for their first home together and this is where the spark was lit for Jorge. 

Since that time, Jorge's passion for a Real Estate career only got stronger as the years passed by. Being a first time home buyer, Jorge thought the process was intimidating and sometimes tedious. It was then that Jorge realized how important it was to have someone who will care for their clients, someone to lean on for guidance and a strong support sytem to rely on. Jorge made it his mission to become a licensed Real Estate Agent and become everything to his clients that he found in the team that helped his family buy their home years ago. 

If you’re looking to buy or sell in South Florida, who better to serve your real estate needs than an life long resident who cares about the quality of your buying or selling experience and has aligned himself with a team of professionals that will make your experience a breeze